Cooking, baking, surprising friends with good food... we have been enjoying this since as long as we can remember.

Around 2000 we started Life is a Picnic. A webshop that offered the catering of picnics and afternoon teas. As great as it was, and how many heartfelt reactions we received, it turned out to be very labor-intensive. So, after a few years, we decided to focus exclusively on the sale of picnic products. A business that spontaneously came about through popular demand.

However, not surprisingly, we started missing the baking. That is how Life is a Cookie came to being our second webshop. Based on a traditional Scandinavian delicacy, the so-called kransekake, we tried and tried recipes until we had found our wonderfully, tasty almond paste ring. This speciality is served at festivities, birthdays, weddings, sweet tables, baby showers and afternoon teas. The gluten free wreath cake is formed by stacking several rings to form a cookie tower. You can build this tower as high as you want. For weddings it can consist of 34 rings!

We were looking for a way to send this delicacy via the mail to make it as easy as possible. And we came up with several versions: a tower of 8 rings, individual cookies and themed cookie cards. Who knows what else we will come up with. The cookies are fun to give as a gift, or to order for yourself for a special celebration. We sincerely hope that you will love our cookies as much as we do.

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